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Ceiling Features

Our acoustic ceiling features combine visual flair with functional acoustics. Choose from bold geometric shapes or sleek floating elements for excellent sound absorption and ceiling enhancement. Ideal for focal points, subtle touches, or hiding fixtures, they stylishly optimize your space.

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Dive into our acoustic panel custom print options, our Print Color series, Premium Material Prints, or Acoustic Art collections offer personalized style. With Zintra, create not just a visual appeal, but a feeling.

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Designed to reduce noise and enhance the acoustic quality of any space, making them ideal for creating a quieter, more peaceful environment.

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Zintra's acoustic tiles deliver superior sound absorption in diverse shapes, colors, and sizes for any space. Choose from single or double-layer options for style and function. With five unique types, enhance sound quality with visual elegance in offices, schools, hospitals, and beyond.

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Our acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels seamlessly combine noise reduction with refined design. Choose from a variety of patterns, textures, and colors to match your aesthetic and acoustic needs. With optional digital printing, our versatile panels are perfect for any environment.

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Our versatile Acoustic Ceiling Baffles absorb sound in style, featuring a wide range of colors and designs for both focal points and unified ceiling enhancements. Easy to install and designed for adaptability, they effectively reduce noise and clarify speech, creating a serene and visually engaging space.


Calm oasis: Ocean-inspired acoustics feature at the Rydges Gold Coast Airport Hotel

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Cool, casual innovation: IDES Melbourne revamps fine dining with earthy acoustics

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