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How do I request samples?
How many PET colors are available?
What is the composition of the PET used in Zintra products?
How many Powder Coat colors can I choose from?
Are Zintra products fire rated?
What is the lead time for dispatching my order?
After purchase, how do I care for my products?
Our products are Red List Free what does this mean?
What are your Terms of Trade?
What is your Privacy Policy?

Acoustic Sticks

Can the width of the Stick change?
Can I purchase just one stick and/or aluminium?
When installing Acoustic Sticks, how do I transition from wall to ceiling?
Can the radius of the Transition be altered?
Are end caps available for the Sticks or aluminium?
Can you install both Narrow and Wide Acoustic Sticks in the system?
What is the predefined GAP between sticks of the original sticks system?
Can Zintra Acoustic Sticks be installed on a circular column or curved wall?
Can Zintra Acoustic Sticks be installed as intersecting systems?
Can Zintra Acoustic Sticks be laid out with the joints un-aligned?
Is the pattern random in Quadratic Sticks?
Why are the Quadratic sticks arranged in the order they are?
What is the pattern repeat with Quadratic Sticks?
What is the minimum distance required between the independent sticks?
Is there a maximum radius for Curved Sticks? Are they conformable to any surface circumference?
Are the Double Sided Sticks freestanding?


What size is the ‘square’ in Closed and Open Rafter configurations?
Is the ‘square’ section of Zintra Beams customisable?
Can I buy 2 Zintra Beam systems and connect them onsite?
Where/when should you use a Coffer with my Beam System?
Can Coffers be cut through for lights, fire suppression or sprinklers?
Is Zintra Mesh Baffles a system?
Can the mesh be cut onsite during installation?
Are there longer lengths of cables available for my Mesh Baffle System if I have a higher ceiling?
How many quills are included my Mesh Baffle system?
How many colors can I select in one Mesh Baffles system?
How does the notch in the quill attach to the mesh in my Mesh Baffle system?
Are the quills in my Mesh Baffle system printed single or double-sided?
What if I am concerned about seismic conditions and the hanging hardware in my Zintra Baffle System?


Do Organic Etch panels pattern match?
Can Organic Etch panels be etched on both sides?


Can I change the colour, scale, layout of the Timber print?
Can we print the edge?
Can we print Zintra Timber on to 24mm?
What is the difference between Premium Wood and Timber Prints?
Is Premium Wood made to order or available ex-warehouse?
What scale are the swatches for Premium Wood Print?
When would you choose Zintra Timber Print over Zintra Premium Wood Print?
What are the best application uses for Premium Wood Print?
Is each sheet of Premium Wood exactly the same or is there variation from one to another?
Can Premium Material be printed double sided?
Can you print a different Premium Material design on the front to the back?
Can I choose a different base color to print Premium Material?
Is Premium Material available in 1” (24mm) Zintra?


Can I buy tiles individually?
Can I select a printed design for the backer (or back) layer in a dual layer tile?