We love what we do

At Zintra Acoustic we’re passionate about creating innovative products that not only meet the acoustical and aesthetic demands of spaces, but which transform them and contribute to the wellness of the people that use them.

In fact, we believe great people and innovative design can change the world.

Our heritage

For over 47 years, our parent company, the Baresque Group has been a key supplier and distributor of wallcoverings, fabrics, acoustics, and commercial furniture in Australia.

We are now a global company, with our US headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Dallas, Texas.

Our people

There’s no question – our people are our greatest asset. That’s why we strive to help them in every way we can, building relationships and investing in their futures.

  • We support flexible, hybrid working and put wellbeing first – always.

  • We build trust.

  • Honesty, respect, and authenticity are at our core, so naturally our workplaces across the globe are diverse and inclusive.

  • We listen to both the needs and ideas of our people and encourage collaboration at every level.

We’re proud to help our people realize their potential. We provide on-the-job training and vocational study opportunities that expand horizons and build careers.


We love our people, and they don’t leave often but we’re always on the lookout for new people to help us grow.

If you’re interested in helping us expand locally or globally, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.