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Transform your space with Zintra Baffle System, Swell design. Our high-performing baffles offer flexible and dynamic acoustic control, perfect for enhancing spacious environments



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A modern solution for acoustic control, Zintra Baffles are a prefabricated, ceiling mounted system. Showcasing Zintra’s flexible characteristics and offering superior acoustic control, Zintra Acoustic Baffles are an innovative replacement to traditional mineral fibre lay systems.

By exposing the ceiling, Zintra baffles create an open and airy atmosphere while efficiently mitigating noise levels.


Captures the essence of a wave's fluid motion, evoking a sense of movement and energy.

Easy to assemble, easy to install and available in a large array of designs, baffles are ideally suited to large noisy spaces in educational institutions, shopping centres, restaurants, and airports.

Available in 11 designs

Bolt | Canyon | Gorge | Individual | Louvre | Quarter | Ridge | Square | Swell | V-Fold | Wave

Combining a dynamic aesthetic appeal and acoustic performance these systems are supplied ready to install with minimum fuss. A great advantage of the vertical blades is the increased surface area that is presented to the room resulting in a greater absorption of sound compared to flat panels.

Zintra Baffles present a modern and budget-friendly solution for cultivating a tranquil and efficient workspace.

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