Beams Square

Acoustic solutions reach new heights with Zintra Beams Square Beam. Create visual interest and bring individual flair to your ceiling. When being square isn't considered boring, Zintra Square Beam. Their modular nature brings both versatility and grandeur to your design.



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Large spaces require acoustic solutions that match their scale. Zintra Beams collection address this need perfectly, offering substantial proportions that exude a sense of structure and architectural grandeur. Their modular design allows for a variety of configurations across a range of styles and sizes and includes connectors for effortless customization to suit any space.

There are 5 different geometric designs available: Open & Closed Rafter, Rectangular, Square and Parallel Beams, available in various sizes (please refer to the dimensions for design specific details). We even have a coffer available to suit open, closed and square designs for added acoustic comfort.

Square Beam

Offering a contemporary or traditional feel, Square Beams are lightweight and modular, available in sets of 4. Mix and match colours and heights for versatile design options. Additionally, optional coffer panels are available to further enhance its NRC rating.

Engineered for superior sound absorption, Zintra Beams function as porous absorbers across the entire frequency range. This significantly enhances the NRC rating, up to a maximum of 1.5.

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