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Explore the possibilities of spatial perception and artistic expression with Zintra Etch 3D panels Craze design.



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Zintra Etch, where acoustic absorption meets dynamic 3D design. With a range of subtle textures, Zintra Etch brings cutting-edge aesthetics and acoustic functionality to your commercial, hospitality, or institutional interior.

Discover the extensive selection of understated to statement Colours in Zintra Etch, allowing you to create a welcoming atmosphere while effectively managing sound. This cost-effective sound and design solution cultivates calming environments, promoting productivity and well-being.

Zintra Etch seamlessly integrates with plain Zintra panels, offering versatility in design coordination. You can also explore the option of replicating your unique Etch pattern in Zintra on Zintra, for a truly customised solution.

Experience the benefits of Zintra Etch, including pattern matching with seamless hidden joins (excluding VJ Angle and Kaleido). The panel size enables join-free installations from floor to ceiling, making the fitting process effortless.

Craze: Where intricate geometrical patterns mimic the allure of cracked glass, creating a stunning visual symphony of fractured elegance and modern artistry.

Zintra Etch is available in 15 great designs

Craze | Cubix | Deviate | Kaleido | Lamella | Reed Bed | Sine | Spectrum | Tesselate | Tetris | Vino | VJ Board Angle | VJ Board Narrow | VJ Board Wide | Volta:

Etch is a 3mm deep V groove.

Not suitable as a free standing product.

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