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Zintra 24mm Acoustic Panel is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance and aesthetics are required. Available in 6 Solid Zintra colours.



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Experience the perfect synergy of acoustic excellence and visual elegance with Zintra Acoustic Panels, ideal for diverse applications in commercial, hospitality, and institutional projects.

Crafted from 100% recyclable materials, Zintra 24mm (1”) Zintra panels boast exceptional sound absorption capabilities for walls, ceilings, and screens. Choose from a palette of 6 solid Colours.

With sustainability at its core, Zintra panels are crafted from 60% post-consumer recycled Zintra plastic bottles, 35% pre-consumer recycled Zintra chips, and 5% PLA polylactic acid, offering a budget-friendly sound solution.

Measuring at 2800mm (110”) long, these join-free panels are perfect for floor-to-ceiling applications, enhancing both functionality and design. Easy to fabricate and install, Zintra Acoustic Panels ensure a seamless process, complemented by a pinnable surface for personalized customization.

Elevate productivity in work environments, enrich guest experiences in hospitality settings, and enhance comfort in institutional spaces with Zintra Acoustic Panels.

24mm (1")

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