Layers Panel 3D

Create a personalized 3D acoustic masterpiece with Zintra Layers. Panels that are handmade with care, choose from 30 Colours which are cut into strips and applied to a Zintra backing panel.

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Solid PET

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Elevate your space with the perfect blend of superior acoustics and unique character, courtesy of Zintra Layers 3D.

Discover the innovative technique behind Zintra Layers, where vibrant strips of Colour are meticulously layered onto a Zintra Acoustic panel backer, offering a versatile solution for your acoustic design needs. Whether you're craving a subtle infusion or a bold explosion of Colour, achieve unparalleled acoustics and individuality effortlessly.

For those seeking the pinnacle of acoustic performance. Zintra Layers 3D craft a handmade 3-dimensional surface that not only reduces echoes but achieves an impressive NRC of up to 1.0 with an air gap. Elevate your space to new heights with Zintra 3D Layers.

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