Texture Panel Nenuphar

Innovative 3-dimensional Zintra Texture Panel designs, from sleek lines to captivating patterns. Nenuphar adds depth and style while enhancing acoustics. Ideal for modern or classic settings in bustling public spaces.



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Zintra Textures offers subtle and engaging 3-dimensional panel designs. Each design incorporates aspects that reduce echoes by changing the angle of sound reflecting off the surface. It makes them ideal for noisy public spaces that need a little flair.

Zintra Acoustic Textures not only highlight the fantastic acoustic qualities of Zintra Acoustic Panel, but also the incredible fabrication capabilities Zintra has to offer. Zintra’s wide range of designs and colours slip easily into classic or modern settings.

Nenuphar: This enchanting design captures the essence of nature's serenity as water lilies bloom in a tranquil pond. Its gracefully curving shapes and soft lines help to create a peaceful ambiance.

The subtle 3-dimensional relief of these designs not only adds dimension to your surrounding but also provides excellent acoustics. Zintra Textures, slip seamlessly into classic or modern settings, adding a touch of innovation and sophistication to noisy public spaces.

Available in 15 designs

Carre | Cercles | Corbe | Diamont | Droit | Echelle | Etoile | Hexagone | Nenuphar | Paume | Signe | Tessan | Tissage | Trappe | Vague

Enhance your space with the innovative style of Zintra Textures.

Not suitable as a free standing product.

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