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Recreate architectural aesthetics with Zintra Premium Material acoustic panels. Choose from 18 designs across 6 material finishes, blending contemporary and classic styles seamlessly from sleek to rugged, for timeless elegance.



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Individually crafted by our designers, the Zintra collection of Premium Material prints faithfully recreates the striking aesthetics of architectural finishes with awe-inspiring realism and superior acoustics.

The 12mm (½” ) Zintra base Colour has been perfectly paired to add a sense of depth, bringing crispness and clarity that’s second to none.

Lightweight, versatile, and durable, Premium Material adds a world of application possibilities, allowing you to create exceptional, sustainable spaces that look as beautiful as they sound.

Explore our diverse collection of 18 architectural designs. Spanning 6 distinct finishes in 3 unique Colourways.

Terrazzo: Timeless allure unveils a captivating mosaic pattern. Its versatility effortlessly complements both contemporary and traditional design styles, making it the ideal choice. Available in Light, Medium, and Dark tones.

Travertine: A testament to nature's artistry, with its earthy hues and distinctive textures. Offering a versatile touch of elegance in both contemporary and classic designs. Available in Light, Medium, and Dark tones.

Shale: Add a versatile rugged elegance in both contemporary and vintage design realms. Available in Light, Medium, and Dark tones.

Raku: A mesmerizing design which draws inspiration from the ancient tradition of Raku pottery. In modern times, Raku's vibrant glazes and unpredictable crackling textures celebrate the beauty of imperfection and provides a sensory experience. Available in Raku Bone, Raku Luster and Raku Jade.

Concrete: Showcasing architectural finishes' striking aesthetics, no architectural collection would be complete without concrete, especially when it delivers exceptional acoustics. Available in Concrete Cast, Concrete Polished and Concrete Dark Tint.

Terracotta: Capturing time-honoured elegance, warmth, and rustic charm, its earthy hue evokes a timeless and inviting atmosphere. Available in Terracotta Sun Bleached, Terracotta Mission and Terracotta Antique.

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